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Panchkarma Therapy

Panchakarma Therapy

ayurveda panchakarma course

Ayurveda, the ancient Medical Science of India is a rich repository of treatment methods. Panchakarma is essentially a treatment that purifies the human body by removing the toxin accumulated within it. There are five (pancha) actions (karmas) that may be used to execute this. The body is prepared for this therapy by abhyanga and other means known as ‘Purvakarmas” before treatment. Then ‘Panchakarma’ is performed according to the needs of the patient. The rejuvenated body is then allowed through medication and graduated dietary steps or ‘Paschatyakarmas’, to recuperate, thereby preventing any shock that may result from sudden resumption of normal life. This ensures that the health gained by the therapy continues for a long period. This treatment also ensures longevity.


Panchakarma consisting of Vamana – induced vomiting, Virechana – purging by means of laxatives, Vasti — medicated enemas, Nasya — nasal administration of medication, and Raktha Moksha – Blood Letting.

Licensed health care practitioners and healers.
Massage Therapists.
Those with entrepreneurial skills can start new products for use in Panchakarma Therapies.

The minimum eligibility is that the person joining should have a high school diploma or certificate.

Perform all ayurvedic hands on Shamana therapies.
Perform Panchakarma therapies under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor or Practitioner.
Support and help to deliver the panchakarma treatment program.

Panchakarma includes Purification of the mind & body. In this course it is essential to choose a course which covers the proper procedures from basics.
Upon completion you should be able to do all five procedures upon the instruction of an Ayurvedic Practitioner.
Practical Knowledge is very essential in this course, so make sure the course you choose focuses on teaching you practical procedures in detail.

Knowledge of Panchakarma training is important for BAMS Graduates as it will help them in making a successful career in Medical Ayurveda. But more than theory, implementation or practical knowledge is important than just gaining knowledge.

You need to spend at least 28 days to complete the basic course of Panchakarma.

Panchakarma therapy course consists of full body detoxification through 5 procedures.
This course teaches you how to perform
Sarvanga Dhara
Nadee sweda
Bashpa sweda
Tridosha Concept and how to balance all of them etc.

Yes, the certificate is valid Pan India as well as abroad.

Yes Panchakarma courses do have scope abroad. Now the field of ayurveda is developing so much that even foreign countries are starting to set up ayurvedic clinics as well as include panchakarma therapies in spas.

Yes, this course does have a prescribed syllabus just as every other certification programs

Practical trainings provided in Panchakarma course includes:
Abhyanga & Body Massage
Sarvanga Dhara
Nadee Sweda
Eye Exercise
Nasyam etc

Yes this Diploma Course is Professionally Accredited by STED Council or Bharat Sevak Samaj to the successful candidates.

Panchakarma Therapy is a Detoxifying Process that gives long lasting results. They do so by following a 5 Process Method of Purification and they help in Boosting the immunity levels

Helps in reducing stress

Helps us in maintaining the balance between all three doshas.

Eliminates toxins from the body and sets the metabolic functions straight.

No prior license/Certification is required to study Panchakarma. Anyone who has a high school diploma or equivalent can attend this course.

Anyone who loves to help people overcome their pain & injuries and get personal satisfaction from that can take this course. No prior knowledge in this field is required.

People who are qualified after this course, can do all Panchakarma Therapies under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic Doctor, mainly in shamana therapies.

Procedures are as follows :
Vamana (Emesis)
Virechana (Purgation)
Niroohavasti (Decoction Enema)
Nasya (Instillation of medicine through Nostrils)
Anuvasanavasti (Oil Enema)

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