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Situated at a beautiful and scenic village of Painkannur, near Kuttipuram of Malappuram district in Kerala, Jeevaya group of institutions the best ayurveda nursing colleges in kerala was established by a team of prominent scholars and visionaries in the year 2012. Ever since, Jeevaya succeeds with its dedication to impart an ethical, moral and value-based education. Ignited with the desire of promoting the cause of technical and skilled education, the institute provides a holistic learning environment beyond the boundaries of textbooks and syllabus. 

Our members of faculties comprise distinctive academicians and outstanding professionals from the respective sectors.The institute has set specific objectives and follow a well drawn plan for achieving excellence in technical and skillful education and thereby providing employment solution of youngsters which is a major issue that our society currently facing.

The involvement and total commitment with which our students worked over a half decade has made the institute the most preferred destination for learning Ayurveda and Spa therapies. We are also committed to improve the skills and knowledge to build their career in Ayurveda and Spa treatment sectors. All the students are provided with the best possible training from reputed Ayurvedic hospitals / Spas / Wellness and Fitness centers at major cities across India and abroad as well. .Students who maintain the institutional standards and express their professional talent is assured with 100% placements supported to RECEIVE A NEW LIFE – JEEVAYA

All our courses are well-designed by keeping an objective to get professional training /placement in appropriate institutions after the successful completion of the institutional study. While training, they will be provided with free food, accommodation, and an attractive stipend. Depending on the course selected, the certification will be done by STED Council or Bharat Sevak Samaj for the successful candidates/certified nurse.

Ayurveda, the ancient Medical Science of India is a rich repository of treatment methods. Panchakarma is essentially a treatment that purifies the human body by removing the toxin accumulated within it. There are five (pancha) actions (karmas) that may be used to execute this. The body is prepared for this therapy by abhyanga and other means known as ‘Purvakarmas” before treatment. Then ‘Panchakarma’ is performed according to the needs of the patient.

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Spa is a term used to denote the number of Relaxation, and Rejuvenation Therapies. Basic therapeutic means is the use of water in various applications to literally dissolve the anxieties, pressures and consequent ill-feeling that results from the fast-paced life of the present times. It also uses various massages systems developed by various cultures from around the globe. We make you a qualified Spa Therapist with knowledge of the latest International techniques.

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Jeevaya Ayurveda institute is situated in the charming and beautiful village of Panikkar near kuttipuram, Malappuram. Jeevaya Institute of education and training is one of the best Ayurveda nursing colleges in Kerala providing therapy courses in Kerala. We assure you of an exciting career as a spa therapist. The institute has set ambitious goals and is following a well-defined strategy in order to achieve excellence in technical and skilled education and, as a result, provide job opportunities for young people, which is a major problem in our society today.

Minimum Qualification SSLC

Food & Accommodation

Affordable Fee

ECO Friently Campus

Certified By Promoted Agencies Under Govt Of India

100% Placement Assistance With Attractive Salary

In response to the current public health crisis, we have urgently moved to provide our training services online and by telephone. We have launched our new online portal to support you in finding the right practitioner for you, and our online courses include: Panchakarma Therapy and Spa Therapy. If you have any specific requests, please ask. We will do our best. Call or email now.

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